6-9 Oct 2020 | Virtual Conference


Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be between 500 and 1000 words and may include a relative figure or graph.
Please use the abstract .doc template [ download] as a reference for your submission.

The papers (extended abstracts) submitted should follow the abstract template provided above and should be 4-6 pages long. Selected papers (extended abstracts) from the conference, will be invited to contribute to the special issue from metals on “Utilization of Industrial By-Products – Recovery of Rare Earth Elements”. All submitted papers to this special issue will undergo a separate review process according to the journal’s practice.

Abstracts accepted will also be published in the ‘ERES2020 Book of abstracts’. Authors with abstracts accepted for oral presentations, will have the option to publish extended abstracts (4-6 pages long) which will be published online.

Important Dates
Abstracts submission deadline 30.04.2020
Notification of acceptance for oral or poster presentation 15.05.2020
Extended abstact 30.06.2020
Final program 01.09.2020


Conference Topics

The ERES conference aspires to be a European and international forum for the academic, industrial and social stakeholders of the REE industry. Advances in all fields and aspects of REEs are welcome to be presented and discussed in the conference. Especially for 2020 our aim is to provide answers in the following topics:

European REE Resources: Did we look everywhere?

Following 5 years of extensive research on locating European REE resources what did we find ? Have we left any REE-stone unturned ?

REE processing technologies: Is it all about separation?

What are the technologies that can provide sustainable REE separation? Can they take place in Europe?

Closing the loop on REE:  Can it close?

Can urban recycling transcend from bulk metals to critical – trace metals? Is REE urban mining feasible? Are industrial wastes the next main REE resource? Do they make sense only for Sc?

Emerging REE: Have you heard about Sc?

Why so much work on Sc? Will it ever go in mass scale production? Does Europe have a claim in the Sc race? Are there new REE applications out here that can change the status quo of REE production?

REE Market and applications: New supply crisis or new bubble on the horizon?

Is the REE race restarting? will the world truly run short on vital enabling elements in the next years? What happens to the not-so-critical REEs (the balance problem)?